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My Story

Starting In 2010, I was called to become a Registered Nurse. I was married at the time for nearly 20
years. After my marriage, I began the nursing program. Things in my marriage hit another rough patch
and I was beginning to find my voice and I started to realize my worth and that I deserved better
treatment. I filed for divorce to leave my toxic marriage. I continued and finished the nursing program and
became an RN in 2011.


In the middle of 2016 I signed a lease to move into a duplex. I had to wait 5 weeks before I could move in.
As I was staying with a friend, my hands and feet started burning like they were being set on fire. No
redness, no signs of infection, no logical medical explanation why it would be occurring. The only thing I
could do was soak them in cold water. Little did I know, my divine masculine lived next door to me in the
duplex and this initiated my gifts to be triggered to begin activation.


In 2018, during my most profound “Dark night of the Soul”, I was guided to begin stepping into my mission
work. As I discovered my energy healing gifts bestowed upon me by our Heavenly Father, I was thriving
for more information of why this was all occurring to me. I dove deep into healing my past traumas and
developing the energy healing techniques.


Now, I am using my gifts to assist others with their healing process, providing guidance and developing
their Heavenly Father bestowed gifts. I am very blessed to receive this opportunity to help y’all beautiful
souls on this winding journey home.

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